Friday, September 16, 2011

What Does Your House Look Like?

Continuing on in our 'five senses' posts...

This house had us at "hello".

 (Move-in day 4 years ago)

The character, the age, the craftsmanship, the charm - a front porch! so many windows! crown moulding and big ol' baseboards! beadboard! stained glass windows! leaded glass french doors! hobbit doors! curved plaster walls!  We fell in love. We're still in love:

(Juno in one of the many hobbit closets. Despite her terrified expression, 
she wandered in there on her own!)

One of the afternoon treats in this house are the travelling prisms of light from the stained glass windows. Tough to capture well on camera, but here's an example:

Now you're more likely to find dog toys that roll themselves into corners, drips from a water bowl tracked across the kitchen, a few dishes on the counter or in the sink, a basket of laundry that hasn't made it upstairs yet, a coffee cup or two on the counter, books on more than one horizontal surface, good memories posted on the fridge, a dog napping on the couch, a throw blanket waiting in the remaining available chair, keys, glasses, and phones near the door, some shoes stacked in the mudroom, towels out for muddy paws, a few to-do lists scribbled into different notebooks on the counters, a newspaper or magazine dog-eared on the bar, a stack of flyers marked with post-its...and amazing sunsets out the window...

You're welcome to come by. Just watch your step - there's a lot of "living" going on in this house.

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