Monday, September 12, 2011

What Does Your House Sound Like?

Have you ever listened to your home? I mean really listened and really heard it? If you closed your eyes and heard those sounds, could you place each one?

We have a few sounds in this house that, once we're gone from here, will take me back.

There's the thump of the refrigerator motor, the thud of the front porch when someone's at the door, the creak on the ninth stair, and the pop of the siding when the sun shines.

There's the whir of the vents, the whine on the garage door when we push to open it, and the two spots where the floor creaks more than anywhere else.

As we get closer to moving day, we sure are getting sentimental about this old house.

I may even turn this into a 'five senses' series - a quint-fecta.

(Five senses images all found here)

You know, for posterity.

Bear with me?

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