Thursday, February 02, 2012

Winter Antidote

With Wiarton Willie not seeing his shadow today, it looks as though we're in for an early spring!

But, to bide the remaining cold and snow, we brought spring to our house even earlier.

Oh tulips, why are you so lovely?  And, in pink, they're certainly spreading some early Valentine's Day cheer around here too.

...So pretty to look at while I write!

Of course Juno, being in charge of Border Patrol and Quality Assurance around here, had to stick her nose right into the bunch when these came home - you know, to make sure I got the good ones. Nothing gets past this dog.

How do you celebrate the impending changing of the seasons?


  1. The tulips are such a lovely shade. They certainly are a beautiful reminder of the spring to come.

  2. The cherry blossom trees just started to bloom pink here, maybe spring really is coming!