Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What I Love About My Dog

What don't I love about my dog?

Here's our love list:

1. Her pink nose. It went from black to pink during her first winter, and just didn't go back. We adore it.

2. Her dark, mysterious, soulful eyes. She will tell you epic tales with them, folks.

3. Her swagger. Girl's got some moves!

4. Her confidence. Juno is never one to shy away from a new experience. She dives in head first.

5. Her curiosity. She just has to know what you're doing. At.all.times.

6. Her smell. Yes, I sniff my dog. I know her scent. And it completely fills me with comfort.

7. Her ears. They are velvet I tell you. And they have flap splits - like a double ear. Both of them. She has like 4 ears. Maybe that's why she comes running for cheese from the four corners of the house.

8. Her ninja sense of awareness. Guard dog extraordinaire. Girl is aware of her surroundings. And if you're a complete stranger behind her on a walk, she will turn around, and wait for you to catch up.

9. Her spirit. Girl lives to play. And darn if it's not infectious. She is always up for something new, now, and next.

10. Her trust. We've earned it, and that's one of her greatest gifts to us.

Oh, and here's Juno ice-surfing in the backyard. Look out Sochi 2014 - our dog's heating up the competition. #olympicathlete

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