Wednesday, August 01, 2012


I've always looked forward to flipping calendar pages over to the next month.

There's always been a calendar on my wall - over my desk as a kid, in my dorm room and apartments at university, and in each of our houses since. This might be dorky, but I don't like to look at all the images on the back of a calendar if I can help it. I kind of like seeing them as they come, right there on the calendar, each month.

We've got an adorable dog yoga calendar up in our kitchen this year (courtesy of great friends!) and I've just changed it over for August. This month's feature is a hand-standing Bulldog and a one-arm-hand-standing Yorkie. Adorable.

I've also refreshed our computer desktop for August, courtesy of our go-to source, Smashing Magazine. Have a look - you might find some/one you like. I chose 'Fly' for us this month!

And we've got our 2013 calendar waiting in the wings (courtesy of those same great friends who gave us the yoga dogs) - next year's feature: Scotland.

What about you? Do you enjoy flipping that calendar page as much as I do?

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