Thursday, January 05, 2012

Furnace - Installed!

What a glamourous way to spend a few thousand dollars!

Regardless, we're safe and sound with a brand new high efficiency furnace. Installation went off without a hitch yesterday - even in the -28C weather!  The technicians were inside and outside, upstairs and downstairs, and at one point dropping pipes down from the roof. These guys were serious troopers.

We kept warm inside with hot soup, hot chocolate, and rooms full of candles. It got mighty chilly in here after 6 hours of installation time. And Juno was exhausted from all the coming and going of 4 workmen in the house.

One thing we didn't realize until late last night was that the hot water tank never got turned back on after the furnace installation. So we read ourselves through those instructions this morning, and are back in business.

The new furnace is so much quieter and heated the house back up pretty darn quickly after the technicians left and everything was installed and turned back on. We're happy everything worked out so smoothly. That never seemed to happen at the old house - we were always dealing with the 'unique' challenges of making modern equipment fit with the infrastructure of a 1930s build.

So, picture us doing a happy dance in our furnace room last night!

Now to pay it off...ouch.


  1. Uuugggh, gotta love those expenses! We ripped our furnace out when we reno'd the basement and put in some electric heat pumps, and a gas fireplace in the basement. They keep this little house of ours nice and toasty warm! :)

  2. Wow@! Wish we had looked into that! Thanks for the tip - maybe I can pay it forward! :)