Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Be Our Guest

We'll have our first out-of-town guests staying with us this weekend, so getting a liveable guest room up to standards has been a priority this week!

We spent last night putting up drapes. The room looks out over a park, so privacy is an issue. We snuck out to pick up a solid rod and then used the drapes the previous owners had hanging in the dining room. They work great in this room - perfect width and height.

The bed, bedside table, and small bench are inherited family pieces, and the bedding, lamp, and mirror we received as wedding gifts.

We hung a print of the city in summer on one wall, and will be hanging the mirror on the wall just above where it is now. I may also pick up a little wastebasket and a small clock for by the bed.

As for the bathroom, hopefully a new shower liner and tub mat make up for the fact that it's the ugliest bathroom in the house?? It's on the 'eventual project list'.

The oversized basket we're using for garbage is an old plant basket. Oddly enormous for that room.

We'd also like to get a window covering, but haven't made any decisions yet. For guest purposes - at least for this weekend - that window does look onto a windowless wall of the neighbours' house and it's frosted. Phew.

What makes you feel most at home when you're visiting from out-of-town? What are your 'must-haves'? And 'nice-to-haves'?

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  1. When it comes down to it, just having a nice clean comfortable space to settle into is all that I need! :) And of course the company of some great people.