Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Turkey, and Worms In The Pool

Thank heavens for time-saving Thanksgiving turkey dinner leftovers! We spent tonight skimming and vacuuming leaves and worms out of the pool. And an equal amount of time wondering how worms end up in the pool exactly - are they crawling along the pool surround and fall in...do birds drop them? Where exactly do they come from, and particularly in the quantities we had?

 (Image from here)

Now we're thrilled and very lucky to have a pool to clean, and we like worms as much as the next person, but this was gross.

Anyway, the pool is now skimmed, vacuumed, and covered for the night. Tomorrow we repeat, and maybe Thursday, Friday, and Saturday too, until our pool closing tutorial with the previous owner on Sunday.

Thank heavens for kind previous owners too.

(Image from here)

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