Monday, October 24, 2011

Conversations with the Vet

In between yard maintenance and errands this weekend, we got to talking about our dog's first stay at the vet a few years ago.  That first conversation with the vet went a little like this:

Vet: "Well, Juno is fine. She did great in surgery, slept well last night, went for a walk this morning, and ate all of her food at breakfast."

Us: "Oh, that's great! So we can take her home?"

Vet: "She also ate the bowl."

Us: "Oh, ok."

Vet: "Um, I'm not sure if you heard me...she ate the bowl."

Us: "Ok."

Vet: "Uh, that doesn't concern you?"

Us: "We're concerned, we're just not surprised. That sounds like something she would do."

Vet: "We've made a note in Juno's file - stainless steel bowls only."

Us: "Oh, ok, that's great, thank you."

"Labrador Retrievers are prone to chewing objects, having a well-known reputation for appetite, and some individuals (see Juno), may be highly indiscriminate, eating digestible and non-food objects alike." - Wikipedia
N.B. I added the 'see Juno' part.

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