Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Of Outings and Outages

I did make it to the library yesterday - a little later than planned because of a power outage.

While I felt eerily trapped in - with wet hair, access to whatever was in the cupboard for breakfast so we could keep the fridge closed, an analog phone (we still have one for situations like this!), and no working connection to the internet, we made the best of it!

After Adam left for work, Juno and I read.  A good old fashioned book.  On the couch.  With hot tea...(thanks to our gas stove!).

Two hours later, our house jolted back onto the grid.

I headed for the library.  Unfortunately - a huge disappointment.  I'm chalking it up to being a small local branch with limited collections.  I did find some great kids' book series (research for our book) and put a hold on the Bill Bryson book that I have my eye on for over the summer.  The other books on my summer list all have 400+ readers ahead of me on the 'holds' lists.  Guess I'll be waiting for a while.

On the plus side, I did find some cute robin's egg blue flats while I was out. Excellent!

Where do you get your books?  Do you borrow, buy?  Have you ever seen a waiting list that long?

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