Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Let The Good Times Roll!...With The Good Times Jar Project

How much of last year can you really remember? What is something you did that you are proud of? What made you laugh out loud? What surprised you? What was a memory worth saving?

Honestly, I don't think I could come up with quick answers for us for most of these questions. Maybe you can? If you can, kudos. Since I can't, I'm going to write them down this year. Little bits of the every day, and the big days, whatever is noteworthy in the moment. I'm going to pop them in my Good Times Jar for 2013 and we'll pull them out next New Year's Eve (or New Year's Day) to have a read through.
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I'll be setting our jar up by the kitchen sink; it's the best place for it to be seen and, therefore, used. Remembering the good times - even that's a good time. Maybe that'll be the first addition to our jar!

Some other additions I might think about while getting started: goals we've set, goals we've accomplished, laugh out loud moments, good news, surprise moments, proud moments, hopes for the future. Memories worth saving. You think you might want to try it too?

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