Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dogs In Popular Culture - Day 2: Beloved Dogs in Literature

Continuing with our 'Dogs In Popular Culture' series, who better to celebrate these dog days of summer with than some of the 'Most Beloved Dogs in Literature'?

Here's my list - see if you agree! And if I've missed your favourite(s), then throw him or her a bone in the comments...

Argos, The Odyssey - he waited 20 years for his master to return!

Toto, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - yup, this was a book first! Dorothy's favourite little black dog and favourite sluggish companion.

Lassie, Lassie Come Home - also a book first, and a feature story in the Saturday Evening Post before that! Do I really need to elaborate on this one?

Old Yeller, Old Yeller - yet another 'book before it was a big screen hit'! From rascal to lifesaver, this story sure gave me some first big cries of childhood!

Bodger and Luath, The Incredible Journey - one more 'book before it was a big screen hit'! (N.B. Chance only joined in the movie version.) What a ragtag duo. My affinity for Labs may have its origins in this adventure series.

Buck, The Call of the Wild - a riches to rags story and a testament to the loyal bond between a man and his canine companion.

Clifford, Clifford the Big Red Dog - now I'm not sure this children's series can be classified as 'literature', but the shenanigans of this big, red, affable canine lulled me to pleasant sleep on more than one night as a little girl!

Snowy, The Adventures of Tintin - the fluffy, adorable, cynical foil to Tintin's eternal optimism.

Agree? Think I missed anyone?

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