Monday, May 14, 2012

Of Barberries, Porcupines, and Buying a Zoo

So this weekend, we planted one of each of these in our front yard:

These were our favourites at our old house. Both turn brighter versions of themselves in the summer, and then brighter still, come fall. Here they are, planted and (hopefully) content in their new garden homes in our front yard:

We also watched this:

...which was amazing! So under-rated. It was way more sophisticated in its humour and plot than we thought it would be. A good one in our view (hah, pun intended) for a night in - you should see it!

And, lastly, we woke up to this in our backyard on Sunday morning:

...THAT blob in the a porcupine! What?! We couldn't even belie-...we had a...what?? I know we live in the suburbs, but whoa, what is a porcupine doing in our 'city-house-backyard-tree'? And how did he/she get there? What was worse was that we didn't notice him/her at first, and were casually just out in the yard before breakfast. Juno walked right under this tree, and so did Adam, thinking that whatever noise was coming from the tree was either a squirrel or a bird, until he looked up, ran inside with the dog, and called up the stairs for me to please come out...and to bring the camera with me! Glad we were able to capture this on camera! Gladder still that the porcupine found his or her own way down and out, back to a forest where he/she belongs...hopefully.

So that was our weekend. Full of fresh air, sunshine, yard work, and animal sightings.

How about you? Did you have any strange animal encounters, real or imagined? Whatever you got up to, hope it was enjoyable!

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