Monday, April 16, 2012

Every Day I'm Shovelling

The forecast was calling for a reasonably nice weekend, so we decided to take advantage of the nice weather to get out and take care of our new home's front gardens. The previous owners were green thumbs, but our style tends to be more low maintenance, a 'do-it-once and let-it-be' approach. We did this at our old house, loved the low maintenance, and enjoyed some great compliments on it!

So for a grand total of $48 and Adam's expertise in rock-scaping (courtesy of a summer job building Japanese rock gardens while at university), not to mention our joint free labour shovelling recycling bins full of river wash at a u-shovel place we found close by, we have some new gardens! This is phase 1.  Phase 2 will include additional plants, as we salvaged only what was looking promising for the current growing season, and a few accent rocks.



And while we were shovelling mini-shovel after mini-shovel of river wash from the car into the gardens (our recycling bins were filled with stone in our trunk), we couldn't help but think of the "Every day I'm shufflin'" line from LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem

We're still singing it.  

I thought it'd only be nice to share: 

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  1. Oooh - looks great! :) I love the low maintenance stuff as well... I'm not one for gardening. I definitely did not inherit my father's green thumb! haha